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One day. One-on-one. Custom solutions for your brand challenges.
Ready for Liftoff™

You have no shortage of great ideas and ambitions, but their potential falls short when they’re locked in an endless series of development and iteration. Liftoff™ streamlines months of ideation, planning, and alignment into a single day – a day when we bring a new perspective to your biggest challenge, crystallize the opportunity, and create a tangible plan you can act on immediately.

What You Get

Spend the day with Astronaut’s award-winning founder/brand expert, Stephen Lockwood. We’ll take your executive team through an eye-opening, under-the-hood brand experience. Our Liftoff™ workshop will dig deep, surface your brand essence, unify your team, and give you critical insights to help you build a stronger and more cohesive brand.

Liftoff™ focuses on 6 key areas of brand development:

What's your purpose?

Your company will gain a strategic compass by developing a meaningful purpose that rallies your team and inspires action.

What's your story?

Great brands are built from great stories, so we’ll work to shape your story and build emotional connections.

What's your personality?

Brand personality is determined by voice. Identify your brand’s distinct voice, and from there we set the tone for the brand’s visual language.

What's our difference?

99% of companies in any given category all share the same DNA. We’ll surface what makes you special.

Who's our audience?

Define your target audience. Describe the promises you can make them. Determine what you want them to feel about your brand.

What space can we own?

We’ll challenge habitual thinking about what disruption means and explore ways you can break the spell of the status quo.

Let’s tackle your biggest hurdles.

Who is it for?

•  Founders
•  C-Suite Leaders
•  Entrepreneurs
•  Brand & Marketing Teams
•  Startup Brands

How does it work?

•  Led by Astronaut’s Founder
•  Held in Winston-Salem’s Innovation Quarter
•  100% turnkey
•  Supplies and materials included
•  Fully catered

Think a workshop is right for you?

Shoot us a note and tell us about your business and what challenges you’re trying to work through.

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