Our Strategy for Designing Great Packaging

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but we’re all guilty of choosing products based purely on their packaging. In business they say, “it’s the packaging that sells the product the first time, but it’s what’s inside that sells the package the second time.”

It is estimated that around 85% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale and that packaging design plays the key role because it is often the only factor that differentiates a product. The packaging is what separates a product from its competitors.

We’ve been working on some packaging designs for one of our clients. Lucky for you, we’re going to share some of our strategies that drove our approach to design. Knowing how important the packaging is to the success of the product, we made sure that every part of our design for the packaging had a purpose and was attached to at least one of these guidelines.

Clarity and Simplicity

Great design is born of those two things. Clarity in packaging design is critical for simplicity. But, just because something looks simple, doesn’t mean it is simple. A package on shelf has a maximum of four seconds for the average shopper to dedicate to it. In this time, the shopper should at least be able to easily distinguish your brand and product.

Shelf Impact

A package will never be seen alone or in great detail while on shelf. We test and explore shelf impact or our designs because it makes a huge difference in product sales. When testing shelf impact, we often realize that even a great design can blend in and become invisible on shelf. We have to give our client’s package the “pop” factor.


We always aim to represent the product in the best, realistic way possible. If the product is presented way better than it actually is, we’re misleading and ultimately disappointing the customer, which leads to poor sales and very bad brand image for our client.

Be You

As they say, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” The same goes for a brand and its product packaging. We set our clients apart from competitors by being different and authentic. We like to tell their brand story because only they own their story. Communicating their unique value proposition or primary product benefit is also part of their story.


We must always think ahead when designing a package. A design needs to allow for multiple flavors, sizes, colors, etc. The brand should end up with a fine looking family of products in the end. Good packaging design allows for easy variations without losing visual appeal.

Trend Awareness

What looks cool now, will not always look cool in a few years. A new package design should still be considered in style in the years ahead. However, we also leverage trends to a brand’s advantage and know what relates to and impacts today’s consumer.


The shape, size and functionality of a package should be a pleasant experience for the customer. The more practical (easy, convenient, helpful, ideal), the more sales it gets.

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