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We are Astronaut because we're passionate experts in the branding and marketing field who merge customer needs with business objectives in order to take our clients to new heights.
Who We Are

Astronaut is a brand marketing agency located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We deliver a combination of strategic and creative services designed to transform the way our clients’ brands connect with their audiences. Each year, we serve a diverse group of clients—from established global brands needing a fresh voice to solid small businesses seeking growth to new brands hoping for success.

Our Clients

An Astronaut is only as good as their partner. Here are a few of ours.

Wake Forest Innovations Logo
Wake Forest Innovations Logo
Hanes Logo
Hanes Logo
Hanes Logo
The Clearing House Logo
The Clearing House Logo
The Clearing House Logo
Dewey's Bakery Logo
Dewey's Bakery Logo
Dewey's Bakery Logo
Wake Forest Innovations Logo
Our Core Values

At the heart of our company lies our core values–the operating principles that permeate every area of our business.

Self-Employed Mentality

This isn’t a J-O-B. We all act like we own the place.


We are crew mates, not employees.


We embrace change and desire to grow and adapt.

Never Give Up

We impose our will on the marketplace.


We pursue novel solutions to “unsolvable” problems.

Righteous Living

We believe character matters. All the time.

Sweat the Small Stuff

We’ve learned just how much the little things matter.


If we win at work, but lose at home, then we’ve lost.

Marketplace Service

If we help enough businesses, we don’t have to worry about our business.

Why Astronaut?

It’s all about your sales.


Increase your brand awareness and generate more leads.



Accelerate your sales cycle and acquire customers faster.


Reduce price sensitivity and create competitive immunity for your brand.

Meet Our Founder

Leading change and growth since day one.

Stephen Lockwood has been pushing the industry in leadership, brand strategy, design thinking and marketing since Astronaut’s inception in 2015.

As a prolific creative and passionate change-maker, Stephen brings a smart, informed perspective to every project and business engagement. His reputation for clear strategic thinking, honest advice and industry know-how make him a valued advisor to C-suite executives and marketing teams.

Stephen is a big believer in understanding your purpose and building your life upon it. He has an unshakeable entrepreneurial spirit, a mentor’s heart, and a passion for working with people to achieve their vision and mission. He believes unwaveringly in the power of a customer-centric approach to drive business performance.

Stephen lives in Winston-Salem, NC, with his wife, Kim; their two sons, Drake and Tyson; and their black lab, Jack.

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