Why You Should Focus On Email Marketing

This just in: Consumers want your emails!

Email remains the most desired channel for communications and is one of the best ways to effectively engage with your customers. A recent study by Merkle revealed that more than 82% of respondents prefer email as the communication method with retailers.

70% of brands say that email remains the highest return on investment (ROI) channel in marketing. Consumers who have chosen to opt into email are typically the most engaged consumers available for marketing. They have raised their hands to express interest in the brand, they often have already purchased product, and they are willing to exchange personal information for the promise of relevant, ongoing communications from you. But a word of caution – some consumers feel they get the right amount of communication and that it is of good value, while some feel they receive too much, and others think they don’t receive enough.

In order to deliver higher customer value and get the best ROI from your emails, take advantage of these three simple strategies:

1. Allow customers to choose their email frequency.
Consumers prefer email marketing because they are in control and trust brands to respect their preferences. Be honest about how often you send emails, and allow the customer to manage preferences and unsubscribes.
2. Use analytics to evaluate email velocity. 
Leverage the data you collect from past email campaigns to optimize your future outreach efforts. Email analytics gives you information about how an individual email campaign performs in terms of open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate and bounce rate. Once you’ve gathered that email intelligence and know what works best, use it to drive your next email strategy.
3. Send mobile-responsive emails.
Between 40-60% of consumers are reading emails on smartphones. Ensure all of your subscribers have the correct experience when they open your email by using mobile-responsive design. This is no longer an option, but a must.

Retailers, you can dramatically shift your engagement value with your customers by being smart with emails. If you’d like help with your email marketing, we’d be happy to work with you.

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